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Sky Jones: Major Impact

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In order to remove distraction and free attention, Sky affirms his monks "vow of detachment" with a hermit's preoccupation with solitude.

Sky feels that identities, physical possessions and locations tend to be burdens and thus inhibit mobility and creativity. As Sky states, "It is more enjoyable to create than to possess."

As a result of these vows and views, Sky has been able to direct millions of dollars worth of food and valuables to charities. He is generous. He has never received money from stock sales. When asked about his lifestyle, Sky simply replied, "How productive is a tree that refuses to give its fruit?"

Sky is the limit or an expression of limitlessness is in the fact that he unofficially holds the world's record at 13,000 gallons of paint used profitably by one artist to paint with (1988-94).

One of his legendary social statements occurred in 1993 in Utah. Under Sky's direction, 750 of his designs were assembled by the homeless from recycled lumber and paint. The large beautifully sculpted pieces were traded for stock in corporations. According to rumor, this generated thirty five million dollars in stock and went to charity. This was a strong message.

The Governor of Utah personally acknowledged Sky for a profound and meaningful example.

In September 1995, Decor Art Magazine, the largest art magazine in the world, published an interview with Tai Milan of the Milan Gallery in Fort Worth, Texas, stating that a historical event had occurred for Fort Worth. They had hosted a Ten Million dollar show of Sky Jones' new art work. They sold 90% of the paintings in the show! Proceeds went to charities and corporations. Sky was hot property.

After the sizzling Fort Worth show, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) made it publicly known that more than a quarter of a billion dollars worth of Sky Jones paintings were in the collections of 125 corporations! Two years later, it became a half a billion dollars in over 200 corporations. Clearly the charities and corporations loved Sky.

In one of a kind original paintings and sculptures. Sky Jones was documented officially by the SEC in March 1996 as being, "The single most collected artist of all time by U.S. corporations!" This was and still is a major impact!

In 1997, to celebrate, Sky released a collection of songs he had written and sings. Sky tells many stories in his songs. He once stated: "If I can't draw it or sing about it, then it's probably not worth saying."

STAR WALKER is the title track on the CD. If you enjoy Sky's art then the song, I Feel Good and That's All I Need to Know will be meaningful to you. This is available from BAM along with the Sky Jones Autobiography and The Artist's Bible, (

For over 25 years the dozens of awards and commendations from Mayors, Senators, and Governors nationwide clearly detail a successful life dedicated to art and service to humanity. A few of them are: Sky Jones Recognition Month in Rhode Island, Louisville and Kentucky. Honorary Louisiana and Nebraska citizen. Sky's paintings are hanging in the Oklahoma Governor's mansion. And because of his warm hearted ways, he is Alaska's Ambassador of Good Will.

Governor George S. Mickelson from the state of South Dakota once stated to Sky, "It is individuals such as yourself who see to it that our world remains environmentally and spiritually sound for future generations."

Sky Jones is major impact!